Ongoing formation is much more than organizing formation courses and meetings. However, these events can be an important stimulus in the renewal of religious life. With this in mind, the Foederatio Europae Mediae et Orientalis (FEMO) has organized courses for all friars who are celebrating their 10th and 25th anniversary of solemn vows. This is in addition to the annual ongoing formation course that FEMO organizes for friars who have been ordained to the priesthood within the last one to five years.

This year, the ongoing formation courses were offered in two shifts, because it was not possible to offer the courses last year, due to the pandemic. From July 4 to 24, 2021, an ongoing formation course was conducted for the friars who had made their solemn profession twenty-five and twenty-six years ago. It was held in the major seminary in Łódź Łagiewniki, Poland. Twenty-seven friars attended the course. The participants perform ministry in Austria, Germany, Poland, Russia, the Ukraine and Italy. The program included the daily Mass, the Divine Office, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and lectures on Franciscanism and psychology. There was also time for daily recreation. On Saturday and Sunday, the friars had an opportunity to visit nearby recreational and historical sites. The last week of the course was conducted as a spiritual retreat.
Next August, friars of the FEMO Federation, who have been perpetually professed for ten and eleven years, will attend a three-week course at the friary in Harmęże, Poland.

Friar Piotr STANISŁAWCZYK, Secretary General for Formation