Friar Jan HRUSZOWIEC, of the Province of St. Anthony and Bl. James of Strepar in Poland (Cracow) and Promoter of the cult of the Franciscan Martyrs of Pariacoto, Peru, received a “challenge coin” from the Public Safety Department of the University of St. Mary of the Lake [Mundelein Seminary, Illinois, USA]

This was intended to express appreciation and gratitude to Friar Jan for having organized the Rosary Crusade in Defense of Terrorism, under the patronage of the Martyrs of Pariacoto. The award ceremony took place on December 19, 2022, during the seventh pilgrimage of the martyrs’ relics to the United States.
A challenge coin is a kind of informal badge that symbolizes belonging to a military unit. It is given as a token of recognition and brotherhood by the commander of the unit. The coin is a round piece of metal stamped with the symbols of a given military unit, its motto, and the name or number of the soldier. There is also room for other elements added by each unit individually. For Special Forces soldiers, the coin serves as a memento.
Special Forces use challenge coins as a sign of one’s civilian status. Regimental badges are worn outside on the uniform while a coin is kept in the pants pocket. Currently, many other units besides Special Forces have their own coins.
There are specific rules associated with how the coin is awarded. It is given hidden in the hand during a handshake. The soldier receiving the coin only notices it when he feels the metal in his hand during the handshake.
The coins were created in the United States and are particularly popular there. Military units of other countries that interact with U.S. units have also introduced their own coins.
After the award ceremony, Friar Jan said that this recognition is meant as an expression of gratitude to the entire Province of Cracow, and he entrusted the work of the Crusade to the Mother of God. Finally, Friar Jan invited everyone to learn more about the Rosary Crusade in Defense of Terrorism, at: