The Order’s newsletter for January – March, 2020, is now available >>>.

As always, we invite everyone to read the opening section containing items dedicated to the Minister General (pp. 4-8), in particular, his presentation of the Six-Year Plan of the Order (pp. 6-7). Next, we have pages concerning the General Definitory (pp. 9-14) where the meeting for new Ministers Provincial, Custodes and Secretaries is featured (pp. 12-13).
In the section covering the General Offices (pp. 15 – 32) we mention the jubilee of our confrere Friar Nikodem (p. 15) and the 100th birthday of the dean of the Order, Friar Ilario. (p. 17). Also in this section, we talk about the fraternal solidarity needed to face these difficult times (p. 31).
At the center of the newsletter, the General Econom invites us to thank the many people who have helped support the works of the Order (p. 33).
Regarding the Federations (pp. 34-85), we highlight the diaconal ordinations in Kenya (p. 38), Colombia (p. 59) and Indonesia (p. 65); solemn professions in Paraguay (p. 43) and South Korea (p. 64); simple professions in Venezuela (p.46) and Brazil (pp. 49 – 51) and priestly ordinations in Italy (pp. 74 and 79).
We cover the Chapters that were celebrated in Indonesia (pp. 86-87), Bolivia (pp. 87-88), Great Britain (pp. 88-89) and Austria (pp. 90-91).
Finally, the newsletter reports on changes recorded by the Order’s Office of Statistics (p. 92).

From the Editorial Staff