A new book has just been published entitled, “St. Francis Anthony Fasani: God, the Wealth of Man – Outlines of Sermons, Homiletic Reflections and Notes on Different Liturgical Celebrations.” (Editrice Salentina, Galatina 2022, 373 pages). It is edited by Friar Eugenio GALIGNANO.

The book features an assortment of episodic texts, found scattered among the pages of the Saint’s manuscripts, texts that are not part of the complete works already published.

Along the way, the reader will see how often certain themes keep coming up, allowing him to glimpse the underlying structure of consistent thought and the pattern of argumentation that form the backbone of the reflections by this Franciscan saint from Lucera, Italy. The reader will also notice some dominant truths in Fasani’s life, which are amply demonstrated in this selection of his writings:

1) The primacy of God;

2) The two-way relationship of the human being, namely, his horizontal relationship with man and his vertical relationship with God—whom each of us is called to “know, love and serve in this life, so that in our next life, we might obtain happiness with Him in heaven,” in keeping with the valuable catechism we learned as children;

3) The vast cosmos as a “divine picture gallery” or as a real emanation of divine power and love—a splendid and complex habitat that God has providentially placed at man’s service. It is a stupendous reality which, in the mind of the Father Master, throws into stark relief that “human foolishness of ours that makes us delirious for man, but not for God.”

From the Introduction by Friar Eugene GALIGNANO