On June 6, 2021, the friars of the Province of Mary Immaculate in Indonesia commemorated the second anniversary of the Province’s foundation.

This event took place at the St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. Friary in Delitua, where the Curia of the Province of Indonesia is located. All the friars from Northern Sumatra gathered to celebrate this event. Some members of the pastoral council and other faithful from the Parish of St. Joseph the Spouse of the B.V.M. in Delitua and the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Medan also participated, as well as some Franciscan Sisters of St. Elizabeth of Delitua. The celebration began with the recitation of Evening Prayer for the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 2021.
After the prayer, the Minister Provincial, Friar Cornelius Tri Chandra FAJARIYANTO took the floor. He began by first thanking God for having taken the Indonesian Province under His holy protection. He also thanked God for the friars, who, with their strength and willingness, put themselves at the service of the community, and he thanked God for the support of the faithful and the benefactors. Finally, the Minister Provincial encouraged the friars and communities to always deepen their Franciscan identity by giving witness through words and deeds.
Speaking for the benefit of the friars of the Province, Friar Joseph PANDIA talked about three aspects of the event that were significant for the Province. The first concerned the history of the establishment of the Province. The Jurisdiction in Indonesia enjoyed continuous growth in numbers of friars and communities, right up to the 2019 General Chapter where it was erected as a Province. The second aspect concerned the holiness that the friars can foster in their lives; all of them called to holiness through works and prayer. The third aspect concerned the gift of each friar to the fraternity. We are all brothers in the same family, and as in any family, we must give ourselves generously to others in order to build a strong bond.
Speaking for the faithful, Mr. Darwin SEMBIRING took the floor and thanked God for the presence of the Order in Indonesia. The faithful are always ready to help the Order for the good of all, asking the friars to be their teachers in the faith and to show them the right way, so that the community can grow well in communion with all. After the speeches, the feast continued with a recreational event hosted by the postulants and the friars.

Friar Fictorium Natanael GINTING