During January of 2022, our confrere, Friar Felice AUTIERI, published a book entitled: “Storia della Provincia di Napoli dei Frati Minori Conventuali dalle origini fino ai giorni nostri (XIII-XXI)” [History of the Province of Naples of the Friars Minor Conventual from its origins to the present day (13th-21st century)], published by Miscellanea Francescana, Rome.

The book follows the path of the Conventual Franciscan Province of Naples, from its origins to the present day. It is now called the Province of the Seraphic Father St. Francis in Italy (Naples). Amid its ups and downs, the Province of Naples has produced friars who have made notable religious, social and cultural contributions.

The book is 628 pages long and includes an introduction, four main parts subdivided into twenty-one chapters, two appendices and finally an index of places and names. The first part traces the historical development of the Province from 1200 to the present day (chapters 1-12), as well as its Custodies of the Philippines and Calabria (chapter 13). The second part deals with the cultural contribution made by its General Study [a higher learning institute] and a subsequent Study founded for the laity in 1946. Both were housed in the Friary of San Lorenzo Maggiore in Naples. Finally, the second part discusses the friars who are members of the Almo College of Theologians, which has trained many scholars from all over southern Italy (chapters 14-15). The third part is about the friaries of the Province (chapter 16). The fourth part deals with friars engaged in service to the Church, the Order and the Province. It goes on to highlight the friars who have made an impact on culture or are notable for their holy lives, namely,  saints, and others declared blessed or venerable (chapters 17-21). Finally, the two appendices feature lists of the friars who have served as Ministers Provincial and those who have been ordained as bishops.

Source: Sul colle del Paradiso [On the Hill of Paradise] Newsletter, Assisi.