We invite everyone to read the second issue of the Fraternus Nuntius newsletter for 2023. It features documents and news covering April to June of 2023.

First there is the calendar of the Minister General (p. 4), followed by the sessions of the General Definitory (pp. 5-9). Next are the pages concerning the General Offices (pp. 10-29) in which we highlight the Meeting of the General Definitory with the Presidents of the Federations (p. 15) and the second round of the “Midway Meeting” (pp. 18-19).
As usual, we have the solidarity bulletin board (p. 30) which summarizes the contributions sent to the General Financial Office.
The news from the Federations follows; starting with the African Federation of Conventual Franciscans (pp. 31-34). We recommend reading the news about the diaconal ordination in Zambia (p. 32). From the Centralis Europae Foederatio (pp. 35-40) we feature an article on the St. Anthony Youth March in Zagreb, Croatia (38-39). From the Conventual Franciscan Federation, we highlight the CFF Spring Assembly in Chicago (p. 41). From the Federación América Latina Conventuales (pp. 42-53) we offer an article on solemn profession in Argentina (p. 49); from the Federation of Asian Minor Conventuals (pp. 54-63) we have articles on the priestly ordinations in India (pp. 54-55) and in the Philippines (p. 63). From the Foederatio Europae Mediae et Orientalis (pp. 64-76) we feature priestly ordinations in Poland (p. 75). From the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (pp. 77-93) we point to the solemn profession in Puglia (p. 81).
Finally, there are articles on the Ordinary Chapter of the Custody of Slovakia (pp. 94-95), the Extraordinary Chapter of the Province of Mexico (p. 96) and personal statistics (p. 97).

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