Dear Brothers,
Peace and All Good!
In the last few days, everyone around the world has become aware of
the possibility of an armed conflict in Eastern Europe.
This would involve various countries where our Order has a presence of friars.

Once again,
the greatest powers in the world,
for geopolitical reasons or other interests,
are playing with the priceless gift of peace
and the integrity of people
both of which are gifts from God.

Therefore, I, together with our confreres
in those particular countries, and in the FEMO Federation,
ask each community of the entire Order,
to choose one day this week
to spend an hour in Eucharistic Adoration
and to pray the Holy Rosary
asking for the gift of peace
for this part of the world, and also for all other countries
where peace is not respected.

We also ask our Seraphic Father St. Francis,
who lived and preached peace,
to intercede with God for peace in the world.

Therefore, this week (February 14-20, 2022)
I ask all of our communities to please choose
a day to devote to this prayer.

Again, I wish you peace and all good!

Friar Carlos Alberto TROVARELLI, Minister General
Order of Friars Minor Conventual