Province of the Franciscan Protomartyrs in Zambia 
Mother Province: the Italian Province of St. Francis of Assisi (Central Italy) 
[Formerly the Italian Province of the Marches] 

Pope Pius XI appealed to religious to be open to the mission Ad Gentes. The 1924 General Chapter of the Friars Minor Conventual embraced the Pope’s appeal and proposed it to the entire Order. During its Chapter of 1928, the Italian Province of the Marches decided to open a mission in Africa. The friars were instrumental in setting up and coordinating the local Church in Zambia. In 1954, the Conventual Franciscan mission became a General Commissariat and in 1969, a General Custody. In 1959, the Province of Our Lady of Consolation in the USA (OLC) assumed pastoral responsibility for the northwestern area of the country (Kasempa, Solwezi, and Mwinilunga) through its friars already present in Zambia, and together with other friars of different nationalities. In 1996, the two Custodies were joined into a single General Custody. During the 1998 General Chapter, the Custody of Zambia became a Province.
Currently, the Jurisdiction has one hundred and forty-eight solemnly professed friars, thirty-eight simply professed friars, fifteen friaries and three filial houses. The friars usually carry out parish ministry. They also perform charitable activities, preach retreats, work in schools, etc.

Chisamba: St. Anthony of Padua Filial House and Parish (2014)

Ibenga: St. Theresa Friary and Parish
This friary opened in 1934. It is where the Province cemetery is located.

Ikelenge: Sacred Heart of Jesus Friary and Parish (1976)

Itimpi: St. Francis of Assisi Friary (1954)
Today, this friary functions as a novitiate for southern Africa.

Kalala: St. Francis of Assisi Friary and Parish
This friary was originally erected in 1939, at a different location. However, it was shut down by the civil authorities at the outbreak of World War II. The present friary opened in 1948. The friars there serve at a leper colony.

Kalumbwa: St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. Friary (1932)
This friary functions as a postulancy house.

Kanyanga: St. Bonaventure Filial House and St. Mary of the Victory Parish (2018)
Kapembe: St. Kalemba Friary and Parish (1965)
Kapiri Mposhi: St. Maximilian Kolbe Friary and Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish (1979)
Kitwe: St. Anthony of Padua Friary and Parish (1939)
Luanshya: Immaculate Conception Friary and Parish (1932)
Lusaka: Rivotorto Friary and St. Bonaventure College (1991)
This friary functions as a formation house for post-novices studying philosophy at the St. Bonaventure Inter-Franciscan Institute. It also serves as a formation house for philosophy students belonging to the African Federation of Conventual Franciscans (AFCOF).

Lusaka – Makeni: St. Francis of Assisi Friary and Regina Pacis Parish (1975)
Lwawu: Our Lady of Consolation Friary and Parish (1951)
Mansa: St. Clare Filial House and St. Francis of Assisi Parish (2019)
Mwinilunga: St. Anthony of Padua Friary and Parish (1959)
Ndola: Franciscan Centre Friary and St. Anthony of Padua Parish (1961)
This friary serves as the seat of the Provincial curia. The friars here operate a printing press and run a pastoral center as well as a vocational training center (technical college).

Solwezi: St. Maximilian Kolbe Friary and St. Lawrence Parish (1983)

Franciscan Missionary Center
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