Provincial Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Colombia 
Mother Province: Province of Our Lady of Montserrat in Spain 

In the mid-1970s, the Order of Friars Minor Conventual was already present in a few countries in Latin America. However, there was a period of fresh expansion as the Order began to send its missionaries into neighboring countries. In 1977, the Province of Spain opened its first mission in Colombia, in the Villa Tina Barrio of Medellín.

Today, the Jurisdiction has twenty-six solemnly professed friars, six simply professed friars, and six friaries.

Medellín: San Francisco de Asís Friary and Hermano Francisco Parish (1977)
The Conventual Franciscans chose to reside in the new San Francisco de Asís Parish, where they built a church and a friary. Within a few years, two more churches sprang up, one in the Planta sector of the Caicedo Barrio and the other, in the El Pinal Barrio. In 2002, the friars established the new Hermano Francisco Parish in El Pinal, where they currently reside.

Itagüí: San Maximiliano Kolbe Friary and Seminary (1980)
After the friary was renovated, it became the home of the FALC common novitiate. The novitiate accepts vocations from neighboring countries as well.

Bogotá: Inmaculada Concepción Friary (1985)
This was the first friary in Bogota. It closed twice and was reopened. It is currently the seat of the postulancy program.

Bogotá: San Antonio de Padua Friary (1994) and San Luis de Tolosa Parish (1995)
The Provincial Custody of St. Francis of Assisi in Colombia established its headquarters in Bogotá, in the San Antonio Norte Barrio. The friary also serves as a house of studies for theology students. The students in formation there attend the University of San Buenaventura and the University of San Alfonso. The friars also serve at the Parish Church of San Luis de Tolosa.

Corozal: Santa Clara de Asís Friary and Parish (1996)
At the behest of the local bishop, the friars, filled with a Franciscan and missionary spirit, erected the new Santa Clara de Asís Parish Church. The first friars to serve there lived in a small rented house in the Cartagena de Indias Barrio. Today, the local friars look after seven Christian communities. They also operate the Santa Clara de Asís Charity. Supported by the Province of Spain, the Charity provides food assistance to one hundred and sixty children and sixty elderly people. In addition, it offers scholastic support and sponsorship programs to guarantee basic education for some young people and it provides training programs for the most disadvantaged people in the area.

Filandia: Beato Juan Duns Escoto Friary and Inmaculada Concepción Parish (2009)
The friars here are entrusted with the pastoral care of the local parish. They carry out ministry here with the help of the laity. They also minister at several outstation chapels on the periphery, which function as pastoral centers.

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