On Tuesday March 9, 2021, the President of the Holy See’s “Agency for the Evaluation and Promotion of Quality in Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties” (AVEPRO) appointed our confrere Friar Zdzisław J. KIJAS as an “expert” in the agency.

In his letter of appointment, the President of AVEPRO himself, Father Andrzej S. WODKA, briefly indicated our brother’s new functions. Friar Zdzisław shall make himself available to work for this particular Vatican agency for the next five years.
At present, Friar Zdzisław is a member of the family at the Friary of the Twelve Holy Apostles in Rome and carries out the ministry of Postulator General for the causes of the saints of our Order. He also teaches Dogmatic Theology at our Pontifical Theological Faculty of St. Bonaventure (Seraphicum) in Rome.
Let us we be with our brother as he begins this service to the Church and to the Order; may he always be ready to proclaim the Gospel to every creature, with competence and by personal example.

Office of Communications