On May 6-10, 2024, the Province of St. Joseph, Spouse of the B.V.M. in Romania celebrated the first part of its 23rd Ordinary Provincial Chapter. The Chapter was conducted at the St. Francis Friary in Roman, Romania.

Forty-one Delegates from friaries in Romania and abroad attended the Chapter. Also present was the Minister General, Friar Carlos A. TROVARELLI; the Assistant General for the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP), Friar Giovanni VOLTAN; and the Provincial Custos of the Orient and the Holy Land, Friar Anton BULAI.
The Chapter began with a morning of reflection led by the Minister General, who was inspired by the 800th anniversary celebrated this year of our father St. Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata.
After reading the usual reports, the Capitulars divided into four working groups in order to evaluate the life and activities of the Province during the past four years. The friars concluded this work with the approval of a final document.
On Thursday, May 9, during Midday Prayer, the minutes of the election by letter of the Minister Provincial (January 13, 2024) were read out. This was followed by the confirmation of the Minister General. The hymn Te Deum was then sung and the re-elected Minister Provincial, Friar Damian-Gheorghe PĂTRAȘCU (second term), swore his profession of faith and oath of office before Friar Carlos.
Later that afternoon, the members of the new Provincial Definitory were elected. They are Friars Cristian DUMEA (Vicar Provincial), Francisc-Lucian GHERVASE (Provincial Secretary), and Cristian BLĂJUȚ, Gabriel DANCĂ, Irimia-Romică PAL and Vlad-Bogdan BEJAN (Definitors). The Provincial Econom is Friar Iosif DANCĂ Sr. and the Provincial Exactor is Friar Marius-Nicolaie SAVA.
The Capitulars also elected three Delegates to the General Chapter. They are Friars Lucian-Mihai BOBÂRNAC, Cătălin FABIAN and Anton HERCIU.
The celebration of the second part of the Chapter is scheduled to start on July 15, 2024.
We congratulate the Definitors on their election and wish them God’s blessing and the protection of St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of the Province, as they carry out their mandate.

Friar Carol Daniel SABĂU