On June 20, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., the Ordinary Chapter of the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy) began at the House of Spirituality of the Antonian Shrines in Camposampiero, Italy.

Following the roll call of the sixty-seven Capitulars and the observance of some initial formalities, the Secretary of the Chapter, Friar Daniele LA PERA, on behalf of the Minister General, Friar Carlos A. TROVARELLI President of the Assembly, read the opening declaration of the Chapter. Also present was Friar Giovanni VOLTAN, the Assistant General for the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP) and a former Minister Provincial of this Jurisdiction.
The Minister General encouraged the Capitulars and reminded them of the pre-Chapter Assembly that the friars of the Province conducted online. He invited them to continue the fruits of that work, so that they might make necessary decisions with responsibility, in keeping with the solid tradition of the Province, and face inevitable challenges with a spirit of prayer and openness of heart.
The second day of the Chapter was dedicated to listening, prayer and reflection. It began with a reflection from Friar Pietro MARANESI, OFM Cap., on “Being Evangelical Prophetic Witnesses for This Generation.”
On Tuesday, June 22, the Minister General presided over Mass, which happened to occur on his 59th birthday.
The work of the Chapter was focused on listening to the second draft of the “Verification Document” of the past four years, the fruit of the pre-Chapter Assembly, with additional input from the friars and individual House Chapters. The document was approved the next day.
On Thursday, June 24, the third session, Friar Roberto BRANDINELLI was proclaimed Minister Provincial. He had been elected by letter in April of 2021. After the friars sang the Te Deum, Friar Roberto made his Profession of Faith and swore his oath of office before the Minister General.
In the days that followed, a number of items were considered, namely, the regulations of the Provincial Missionary Center; the reorganization of the Province’s artistic and cultural assets with a view toward better management; and the Provincial Youth and Vocation Ministry Project, which the Capitulars studied and later approved.
The friars were also asked to express themselves on the inspirational lines that should be taken for the Provincial Four-Year Plan and the emerging themes that should be presented for discussion during the second part of the Chapter.
On June 25, the Provincial Definitors were elected. They are: Friar Gilberto DEPEDER, age 48, Vicar Provincial (first term); Friar Andrea VAONA, aged 52, Provincial Secretary (second term); Friar Vincenzo MARCOLI, age 67, Definitor (first term); Friar Franco GIRALDI, age 60, Definitor (first term); Friar Giancarlo CAPITANIO, age 54, Provincial Econom and Definitor (third term); Friar Valerio FOLLI, age 47, Definitor (third term); Friar Alessandro ZOTTAREL, age 42, Definitor (first term); and Friar Fabio TURRISENDO, age 41, Definitor (first term).
The Delegates to the General Chapter were elected, they are: Friars Tullio PASTORELLI, Valerio FOLLI, José Carlos CERDEIRA MATIAS and Giancarlo CAPITANIO.
The Capitulars then went on to examine some important dossiers concerning the redesign of some of the presences in Northern Italy and in the Delegation of Chile, and discussed the future of two works of the Province, one in the field of social welfare and one in the field of hospitality.
The Capitulars also considered changes to the text of the Provincial Statutes, to be updated according to the new legislation of the Order.
During Chapter, the friars received a visit from two former Ministers General. Today they are Archbishops Gianfranco Agostino GARDIN and Marco TASCA. The Capitulars prayed with the archbishops and listened to them speak about their pastoral experiences since their elevation to the episcopate.
On the last day, June 29, the Chapter Secretary announced that the second part of the Provincial Chapter would begin on July 26. At that time, the Capitulars will discuss and define specific issues to be presented, approve the Provincial Four-Year Plan, vote for the Guardians of the communities, and other offices that need to be renewed according to the norms of the Order and of the Province.

Friar Alessandro RATTI, Chapter Chronicler