From April 30 to May 4, 2018, the friars of the Province of St. Bonaventure in the USA, which includes the Delegation in Australia, met in Chicago for the first part of their Ordinary Provincial Chapter.

Friar Michael ZIELKE had already been reelected Minister Provincial by postal ballot.
Friar Paul SCHNEIDER was elected Vicar Provincial; Friar Joseph SCHENK, Provincial Secretary; and Friars Paul LANJEVIN, Jim CIARAMITARO, and Benedict LA VOLPE, Definitors. Friar Robert MELNICK was selected as the Province Econom.
The friars of the Province reaffirmed their commitment to continue guiding the Australian delegation. The friars will meet again in Chicago for the second part of their Chapter which is scheduled for the end of June.

Friar Jude WINKLER, Assistant General for the Conventual Franciscan Federation (CFF)