On Tuesday, July 10, 2018, the General Secretariat for Formation (SGF) dedicated the entire day to visiting the novitiate in Assisi.

The atmosphere was fraternal, welcoming and attentive. Friar Louis PANTHIRUVELIL, the Secretary General for Formation and Friar Emanuele RIMOLI, a member of the Secretariat, enjoyed meeting with the reconvened novitiate community.
During his morning meeting with them, Friar Emanuele illustrated the theological vision of vocation and formation underlying the revised text of Franciscan Discipleship. In that text, formation is understood as growth in “Christoformity” an expression of the new life that has been dwelling in us since baptism.
Meeting with them again in the afternoon, Friar Louis showed the Franciscan perspective; he went over important passages from the life of St. Francis, and reread them in the light of the spiritual wisdom of St. Bonaventure (the triad of purification, enlightenment and union).
During both meetings, the novices asked plenty of important questions concerning the concreteness and usefulness of Franciscan Discipleship, concerning the idea of progressiveness in accessing the elements of Franciscan faith and spirituality and about first understanding one’s experience through typical Franciscan methods before pondering abstract theories.
Moreover, during the day, Friars Louis and Emanuele met with the two new formators, the Novice Master, Friar Francesco LENTI, and the Assistant Novice Master, Friar Giovanni NAPPO. The meeting was characterized by frankness, trust and transparency. The two formators shared their difficulties and talked about the graces they received during their first year in office.
We wish them, and their large group of novices, pleasant travels under the loving gaze of the Father.

Friar Emanuele RIMOLI