On February 17-21, 2020, the annual retreat for post-novices of the Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Brazil took place at the São Miguel Arcanjo Hermitage and Retreat Center in Planaltina, (a Federal District east of Brasilia), Brazil.

Second and third year theology students participated in the retreat. Temporarily professed student-friars in their fourth and final year of formation helped organize the activities that were carried out. The retreat focused on the topics of community life and the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
The retreat was led by the Guardian of the São Boaventura Friary in Brasilia, Friar Flávio FREITAS DE AMORIM. Friar Flávio said that what made the retreat important was the time it gave those in formation to meditate on their vocations and to ask the Holy Spirit for help on their journey. “We know that alone, we achieve nothing. We need God and Mary and the brothers that God has placed beside us,” he explained.
According to Friar Flávio, reflecting on Franciscan life will re-energize the post-novices in their consecration. “Experiencing the mystery of Our Lord and the spirit of Franciscan joy will help them continue their journey. It will allow them to say: I am a consecrated person at the service of God, the Church and humanity”.
On the last day, the retreatants offered their reflections to Our Lady. She was the first disciple and the first person consecrated to Christ. For Franciscans, she is a prime example of abandonment to the Lord in order to be of service to all of one’s brothers and sisters.

Provincial Communications Office