On February 19-23, 2024, the Custody of St. Bonaventure in Brazil conducted a spiritual retreat for its friars. The event took place at the Casa Cordimariana in Caucaia, Brazil.

The participants reflected together on the path toward conversion and the missionary spirituality that underlies the life of the Friar Minor. They also reflected on certain Marian and Franciscan values, particularly, the missionary values embodied by the Virgin Mary and by St. Francis, who urges us to reach out to others.
“A friar’s vocation includes dedicating himself to the mission, in accordance with the example set by Mary,” said Friar Piotr STANISŁAWCZYK, one of the retreat leaders. This topic carried a profound spiritual message, in that it connected with the essence of one’s religious vocation, because all consecrated life, under the action of the Holy Spirit, is missionary.
Next, Friar Dario MAZUREK gave a reflection on the call to live one’s religious vocation. He encouraged the friars to fully involve themselves with the people and become one spiritual body with them. In keeping with Mary’s example of service, Friar Dario also spoke about the Franciscan way of serving: “Close to God and close to people.” It is about forming disciples to become missionaries, and later, formators of disciples themselves.
During the retreat, the friars thanked God for the ten years that have passed since their Jurisdiction was canonically erected as a Custody. They gave thanks for the gift of each brother’s life, vocation and ministry, and for the virtues shared during the retreat.
The retreat was a grace from God, because it gave the friars a special time to meet, pray, meditate and rejoice together.
Likewise, a happy event took place on the evening of February 23, when Friars Henrique SANTOS DE LIMA and Lucas DOS SANTOS SILVA were ordained to the diaconate. They will help and serve God’s people, in obedience to bishops and priests.

Friar Henrique SANTOS DE LIMA