The first and only textbook on Christology in Croatian was published one hundred years ago by Professor Ivan BUJANOVIĆ. To mark the 100th anniversary of this work, Friar Ivan KARLIĆ of the Province of St. Jerome in Croatia has published a second volume entitled, “The God-Man Jesus Christ: Messiah, Son of God and Savior.”

His text is divided into two parts. The first part talks about the mystery of Jesus Christ in the Holy Scriptures from the perspective of the relationship between biblical and dogmatic theology. The second part discusses the historical-dogmatic development of Christology. At seven hundred and sixty pages in length, this volume is currently the most complete and exhaustive textbook on Christology in the Croatian language. The book has been published by the Kršćanska Sašnjost Publishing House in Zagreb, Croatia.
The official presentation of the textbook, held on January 23, 2023, at the Holy Spirit Friary in Zagreb, attracted much interest and Friar Ljudevit Anton MARAČIĆ and the Director of Kršćanska Sašnjost, Dr. Stjepan BREBRIĆ, both spoke about the textbook. Friar Ljudevit talked about the academic research conducted by the author and referred to the activities of the members of the Province of Croatia in the theological sciences. Dr. BREBRIĆ stressed that the textbook was an outstanding national academic and literary creation. “In following KARLIĆ’s academic and journalistic work, I glimpsed the existence of a systematic Christological school of thought which naturally aspires to a more adequate literary form. However, few hoped he could actually succeed in writing such a second volume on Christology. I think this book has exceeded all our expectations. I would even say that the author has outdone himself,” said Dr. BREBRIĆ.
Friar Ivan KARLIĆ has published twelve books and more than sixty academic, professional and journalistic articles. He has participated and given presentations at numerous international and national academic meetings, and is a member of several international and national academic societies.

Friar Zlatko VLAHEK, Provincial Secretary