On February 17-22, 2020, the Provincial Delegation of St. Anthony of Padua in Ecuador, of the Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Poland (Gdańsk), celebrated its annual retreat. The retreat took place at the San Francisco de Sales Retreat House in Tababela, near Quito, Ecuador.

The meeting was led by Friar Bernardino HOSPITAL POSADA of the Province of Our Lady of Montserrat in Spain. He invited the friars to get to the heart of our Rule: “Let them pay attention to what they must desire above all else: to have the Spirit of the Lord and Its holy activity, to pray always to Him with a pure heart, to have humility and patience in persecution and infirmity, and to love those who persecute, rebuke and find fault with us” (Later Rule, 10).
The background for the reflections was Mount La Verna from the life of St. Francis. The first reflection image was the period before climbing the mountain; the struggle with one’s own powerlessness, weakness and rejection by the community. The second reflection image was the path to the mountain; the discovery of one’s imperfections, desires and how to react to the sins of the confreres. The third reflection image was the experience of the cross that led to the encounter with the Crucifix; I need nothing except Christ Jesus, and him poor and crucified. The fourth reflection image was the stigmata, which allowed us to see the world through the eyes of God. St. Francis descended from the mountain suffering, but full of peace.
The retreat helped the friars deepen their understanding of themselves. It helped them enrich themselves spiritually, and to make themselves even more open to the spirit of serving others.