On January 23-27, 2023, the generous Provincial Custody of St. Daniel and Companion Martyrs in Italy (Calabria) hosted the 26th Assembly of the Guardians of the southern portion of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP). The assembly was held at the Paradiso Hotel in Catanzaro Lido, in the Italian region of Calabria.

The participants included the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Bernardine and St. Angelo in Italy (Abruzzo-Molise), Friar Mauro DE FILIPPIS; the Secretary of the Province of the Seraphic Father St. Francis in Italy (Naples), Friar Cyrille Diwa KPALAFIO; the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Nicholas and St. Angelo in Italy (Puglia), Friar Daniele MAIORANO; the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Agatha and St. Lucy in Italy (Sicily) and current President of the FIMP Federation, Friar Gaspare LA BARBERA; the Provincial Custos of Calabria, Friar Giorgio TASSONE, the Assistant General for the FIMP Federation, Friar Giovanni VOLTAN, and thirty-four Guardians from the aforementioned Jurisdictions.
The organizers chose a theme for the event based on the Eighth Centenary of the Rule, which we are celebrating in 2023: “Conforming Ourselves to the Gospel to Become a Missionary Fraternity – The Charismatic Identity of the Franciscan Family, in the Light of the Rule.”
Friar Felice AUTIERI, OFM Conv., and Friar Pietro MARANESI, OFM Cap., presented lectures on the historical understanding and spiritual and existential dimensions of the Rule.
In 1223, exactly eight hundred years ago, St. Francis of Assisi bequeathed to his friars the “Later Rule,” approved by Pope Honorius III. In addition to defining the principles and spiritual foundations on which the Order was founded, the Later Rule also provided guidelines to ensure peaceful coexistence between the friars and with the rest of the world.
On Wednesday afternoon, January 25, the Assistant General for the FIMP Federation and the FIMP Federation President addressed the topic of the union of the Provinces of Southern Italy. They spoke about the various processes implemented in the Provinces, and gave their impression that we are on a long road toward a new situation that is still difficult to understand. However, it is one whose authentic prophetic spirit we are called to welcome and make real in our personal and fraternal lives.
On Friday 27, at the conclusion of the meeting, the friars decided that the next FIMP-South meeting will be held in January of 2024, in Puglia.

Friar Giambattista BUONAMANO, Secretary of the meeting
Friar Rocco PREDOTI