Under the leadership of our confrere Friar Martino CORAZZIN, the St. Francis of Assisi Parish Church in Elmina, Ghana, is about to complete the construction of forty-two small houses. Thirty-six of them are in Simiw and the remaining six are in Ntranoa. The houses are for families who lost everything due to the floods that occurred of June of 2022.

Thanks to the Caritas Antoniana of Padua charitable institute and collaboration with other humanitarian organizations, many families will once again have a small house with two rooms and a veranda, only one year after the flood that caused extensive damage to the village of Simiw and the surrounding area.
The village chief of Simiw is very grateful for what the friars have accomplished for his people. So, too, are all the villagers, because their hearts have been filled with hope and joy, and they have been strengthened in their faith.
Charity and solidarity projects like these speak louder than words. They are in fact the Gospel, preached not only with words, but put into practice, with actions and works of mercy.

Editorial staff