On Saturday, April 10, 2021, three clerical student confreres of the St. Bonaventure Major Seminary in Sinaksak, Pematangsiantar, Indonesia, received the Ministry of Lector during Mass in the seminary chapel. Friar Cornelius Tri Chandra FAJARIYANTO, the Minister Provincial of the Province of Mary Immaculate in Indonesia, presided.

These three confreres were trained under the guidance of certain friars teaching according to his own area of expertise. Friar Gabriele Benediktus SINGARMBUN covered canon law; Friar Cornelius Tri Chandra FAJARIYANTO covered liturgy; Friar Robert Zhon Piter SIHOTANG covered pastoral ministry and Friar Longinus JUDUNG covered spirituality. The new lectors are Friars Agung Bhatara M. SEMBIRING, Diky M. NUBATONIS and Federikus M. TEFNAI.
In his homily, Friar Cornelius reminded the friars to live their vocation based on the Word of God. As our father St. Francis of Assisi pointed out to us through the Rule, we must live our call by receiving the Word of the Father with an open heart and then conforming our whole life to it. Friar Cornelius concluded his homily by addressing our three brothers with these beautiful words: “Today you are chosen, brothers, for the mission of bringing every person to God. Sincere best wishes to our confreres.

Friar Fictorium Natanael M. GINTING