This year, the Minister Provincial of the Province of Mary Immaculate in Indonesia, Friar Cornelius Tri Chandra FAJARYANTO, along with his Definitors, offered a spiritual triduum on St. Anthony of Padua in celebration of the 800th anniversary of his vocation as a minor. This event was held online on June 7- 9, 2021.

The online meeting was set up by a permanent commission led by Friar Robert Tarcisius Zonpiter SIHOTANG and Friar Longinus JUDUNG, in collaboration with Friar Bonaventura Hendrikus Roi GULTOM, who is the head of spirituality for the Province.
The spiritual triduum was organized by Friar Longinus JUDUNG and his reflections were based on St. Anthony’s sermons on the theme of the desert and conversion.
Friar Fictorium Natanael GINTING offered a reflection on the theme of the figure of St. Anthony in the Franciscan Sources. Friar Pio Mikael (Amran Sujarto) PURBA provided a reflection on the theme of Franciscan fraternity in St. Anthony’s sermons.
Finally, the Minister Provincial, Friar Cornelius, gave a reflection on the change that took place after St. Anthony and St. Francis of Assisi met together. Their meeting converted them both, beginning with their faith in Christ Jesus. Francis then gave Anthony, and the friars, permission to study theology—provided that such study did not weaken the impulse toward charity and prayer. May this important teaching lead all the faithful to benefit from the experience of our two Saints.

Friar Fictorium Natanael GINTING