On May 11-12, 2023, the Province of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico hosted a continuing formation meeting for friars who have been solemnly professed for more than nineteen years. The meeting took place at the beaches of Acapulco, Mexico.

Finding a house by the sea was easy. Moreover, such a house was an ideal place for meditation and rest. Twelve friars from different friaries took part; some had to travel as far as 800 kilometers [497 miles] to attend, but it was a worthwhile encounter. The theme of the meeting was chastity and Friar Rubén MARTÍNEZ HERNÁNDEZ gave a very interesting lecture on the subject. He took a concise look at this dimension of our life, starting with how chastity is dealt with in various juridical texts such as Canon Law and our Rule. He next reflected on what St. Francis says about it in his writings, taking into consideration his life and the cultural context of his day. Finally, he explored how chastity is covered in the Constitutions.
Other significant moments during the meeting included the celebration of Mass each day. The open sea and large waves were an impressive setting for many, inviting them to contemplate and reflect upon creation. It is worth mentioning that the friars went on an outing to a nearby lake and enjoyed eating seafood on the shore.
We thank God for giving us this opportunity. We also thank the friars for their willingness to participate and we thank the Continuing Formation Commission for organizing this time for growth.