“We are here in our littleness, as in the Upper Room.” Thus began the homily addressed to the friars by the Most Reverend Alfonso CORTÉS CONTRERAS, Archbishop of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. The homily was delivered during the celebration of the diaconal ordination of Friars Gonzalo GONZÁLEZ NAVARRO and Carlos CATZIN JUÁREZ, and the priestly ordination of Friars Julio RODRÍGUEZ PÉREZ, Cristian Ubaldo MARTÍNEZ CASTRO and Juan ZÚÑIGA LÓPEZ. The ordinations took place on July 14, 2021, at the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Rectory Church in León.

These words clearly spoke to the worldwide pandemic, which has lasted more than a year, and the mandate to wear the “little mask.” Despite the restricted number of faithful present, the liturgy was truly moving. It was the first, and possibly the last time, that such an event was celebrated in this church. The faithful of the Los Pinos neighborhood, where the church is located, have watched the confreres flourishing there because it is also the seat of the formation house for our post-novitiate philosophy students. Although the local faithful wanted to express their friendship and affection for the friars, they were informed in advance that space would be limited and so they stepped aside so that the families of those being ordained could attend. Nevertheless, a few locals were still able to participate.
It is always engaging to pay attention to the different readings and prayers of the ordination ceremony, which speak about the great gift and responsibility of ordination. For many of the priests present, it was also a moment to reflect upon and renew their own spirit of service to the people of God. Each step of the rite was carried out with feeling and joy.
At the end, the lack of the traditional kissing of the hands of the new priests made the celebration feel somewhat incomplete, but everyone understood the reason why.
After the ceremony, the joy of the ordinations was extended with a celebration at the San José de Cupertino Seminary.
May God grant perseverance and fidelity to these new deacons and priests, whom He has given to the Church and to the Order.