On July 16, 2020, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith issued the “Vademecum on Certain Points of Procedure in Treating Cases of Sexual Abuse of Minors Committed by Clerics”. It was published in several languages.

The Vademecum does not present any new legislation; therefore, from a legal standpoint, it contains no new material with respect to what legal professionals already know.
However, its publication is no less important, since this document offers step-by-step guidance for Ordinaries (and therefore Ministers Provincial and Custodes) in dealing with cases of religious clerics who are accused of child abuse.
Indeed, for those trying to penetrate the dry and synthetic language of the law and understand the depth of certain technical terms, the Vademecum provides explanations and examples.
Reading and studying this handbook is more worthwhile than ever. For Major Superiors, and anyone else who may be interested, it provides the knowledge needed at the right time.

To read and download the Vademecum, go to: (link)

Friar Francesco PANIZZOLO, General Procuration Office