As part of the plan to conduct missionary animation in the formation houses of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP), the Missionary Center in Rome has started a program for our young men in formation, to increase their consciousness of missionary service. Our postulants from Osimo, Italy, took up this appeal and have been carrying out an ad intra and ad extra initiative that raises awareness of our Conventual Missions around the world.

Animated by good will and guided by their Rector, Friar Lucio MASSACESI, these young men created an exhibit that will be on display for the entire “October 2020-Missionary Month”. The theme of the exhibit is, “Here I am, send me!” (Is 6:8). The exhibit features display panels, photos and themes for missionary reflection. It is currently on view at our Basilica of San Giuseppe da Copertino in Osimo.
The postulants pledged to raise missionary awareness among the faithful and pilgrims and to make known some of the missions of the Order. For this, they asked their Provinces and Custodies of origin to send exhibition material about the missions under their care. 
There was no shortage of creativity among these young men. To start this initiative, they created a “Missionary Circle” within the postulancy house, with the aim of further increasing missionary awareness, in line with the teaching of Pope Francis who asked that the Church be a missionary Church all throughout its structures and bodies.
The young men also began studying missionary themes through supplementary materials and in-depth reading of our magazine Il Missionario Franciscano.
We are confident that the initiative in Osimo will be an example for the other FIMP formation houses. In this way, the missionary perspective will provide further growth along the vocational journey and offer our young men a more integral formation.
As the postulants concluded their initiative, they talked about what it meant to them, “Not only have we contributed to making our missionary realities known, but we have also experienced how important mission is in our formation journey.”

Friar Paolo FIASCONARO, Director of the Missionary Center