On January 23-24, 2018, the Provincial government and the Guardians of the Province of St. Joseph in Slovenia had their annual meeting. It took place at the friary of Blessed Anton Martin SLOMŠEK, in Olimje, Slovenia.

Those present included the Guardians from all eight communities of the Province; the delegate of the filial house; the members of the Provincial Definitory; and Minister Provincial Friar Milan KOS. The Assistant General for the Central European Federation (CEF), Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, also took part in the meeting.
The first day was dedicated to presenting reports on the status of the fraternities—friaries. The day concluded with a conference by the Assistant General for the CEF entitled “The Superior—Guardian in the Community: Biblical, Franciscan and Juridical Aspects”.
On the second day of the meeting, the Guardians were joined by the Friary Economs who reported on the financial status of each friary. At the end, the Provincial Econom made his report on the finances of the Province.
During a free moment, the Assistant General met with the Provincial Definitory to reflect on the report of the general canonical visitation conducted in November of 2016. They evaluated the implementation of certain recommendations made regarding the status of the Province at that time. At the end of the meeting, the Minister Provincial explained some new rules and state laws concerning the management and recognition of friaries in the Slovenian State.
Finally, during lunch on the second day, a celebration took place for friars with name days occurring this month. They were joined by other confreres of the Province.

Friar Miljenko HONTIĆ, Assistant General for the CEF