On January 9-13, 2019, the Postulator General visited the friary in Fribourg, Switzerland, at the invitation of Friar Daniel BROCCA, the Custos of the Provincial Custody of St. Leopold and St. Nicolas of Flüe in Austria-Switzerland.

With Friar Bernhardin M. SEITHER, the Minister Provincial of the Province of St. Elizabeth in Germany, and almost all the friars of the Custody of Austria and Switzerland present, the Postulator General, Friar Damian PĂTRAŞCU updated the confreres on the progress of the causes for beatification for the Servants of God Léon VEUTHEY and Bartolomeo AGRICOLA. Léon VEUTHEY was born in Dorenaz, Switzerland, in 1896, and died in Rome, Italy, in 1974. Bartolomeo AGRICOLA was born in Hamburg, Germany, around 1560, and died in Naples, Italy in 1621.
The Postulator then urged the friars to commit themselves to spreading the fame of sanctity of the Servants of God. Afterwards, he answered their numerous questions. We thank God that these causes have made significant strides in recent years. Soon, both causes will be discussed by the theological commission of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in the Vatican.
Later, Friar Damian moved on to the friary in Flüeli, Switzerland, where he met with the friars there. One of them had been well acquainted with Servant of God Léon VEUTHEY, when he worked in a parish of the Diocese of Bordeaux, Switzerland.
Many thanks to all the friars for their hospitality; may the example and intercession of these Servants of God help make the friars’ ministry ever more evangelical, following the footsteps of St. Francis.

Friar Damian PĂTRAŞCU, Postulator General