In every home and family, Christmas and New Years are the most loved and awaited holidays. Children and adults alike look forward to the festive atmosphere of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The Nativity Scene, the Christmas tree, gifts, the hope that dreams come true, and a festive atmosphere—these are things that most people associate with a New Year’s party. Almost everyone hopes for an unforgettable New Year. After all, they all have big dreams. When one makes a wish on New Year’s Eve, it will certainly come true.
A joyful and festive atmosphere prevailed in the Parish Church of St. Joseph in Kremenchuk, Ukraine. Despite this difficult time in our homeland, the parishioners and volunteers decided to organize a small celebration for the littlest emigrants. Working with the Guardian and Pastor, Friar Petro FRANKIV, they came up with a festive program. Everyone took this event very seriously and responsibly. They had no previous experience organizing an event of this kind, so the pastor helped them make everything nice and cheerful.
Preparations got underway, tasks were assigned, and a very interesting program was prepared. Everyone wanted the children to have fun and, at least for the moment, forget about the tragic events taking place. The festivities were planned and Christmas and New Year traditions were discussed. Various prize games were prepared and some nice modern music was chosen for dances. Finally, the parishioners outdid themselves decorating the rooms.
The festivities took place on January 8-10, 2023. The children were all dressed up and full of joy, awaiting a New Year’s party. Their dreams came true: the little ones sang, read poems and played together! The festivities culminated with the appearance of a merry Santa Claus who toted a large sack of gifts. The sight amazed and surprised everyone. Each child received a gift. They were filled with joy, positive emotions, and the sense of being part of a small miracle.

Natalya, a volunteer and migrant from Kharkiv, Ukraine