The friars of the Delegation in Vietnam of the Province of St. Joseph of Cupertino in the USA (SJC) celebrated some important events during the second half of August, 2020.

Solemn Profession
On Friday, August 21, Friars Paul TRƯƠNG Văn Mỹ and John Baptist NGUYỄN Phạm Thế made their solemn profession. The ceremony took place during Mass at the new church on Lộ [Highway] 6 in Củ Chi, Vietnam, and was presided over by Friar Joseph Luke VŨ, the Delegate of the Delegation in Vietnam. Friar Luke received the vows on behalf of the Minister Provincial, Friar Victor ABEGG. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent directives issued by the government of Vietnam to limit the number of people at public gatherings, only family members of the newly professed friars were invited.

Priestly and Diaconal Ordinations
On August 28, two of the most elegant and simple ceremonies in recent memory took place at the Pastoral Center in Phú Cường, Vietnam. The Most Reverend Joseph NGUYỄN Tấn Tước, Bishop of Phú Cường, presided over a Mass of Ordination for Friar Giuse Cupertino PHẠM Văn Nhương who was ordained a priest, and Friars Joseph NGUYỄN Luận Chính, John Baptist NGUYỄN Điền Ngọc and Peter NGUYỄN Duy Ngọc who were ordained deacons. The number of family members and guests attending the Mass of Ordination was limited due to restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic

Friar James Michael REITER, Provincial Secretary (SJC)