Finally the CoF (Council of the Federation of St. Clare of Assisi of the Urbanist Poor Clares of Italy) was able to conduct a regular, in person meeting! This had not happened since November 2019. The meeting was conducted at the monastery in Viterbo, Italy. Although the monastery has been without Poor Clares for several years now, it remains a lively center of spirituality thanks to the charism of St. Rose and the valued presence of some Franciscan Alcantarine Sisters.

The members of the CoF, led by Mother Damiana ARDESI and assisted by the General Delegate for the Second Order and Affiliated Institutions, Friar Germano TOGNETTI, were able to take a look at the impressive restoration work and enhancements made at the large monastic complex in Viterbo. The work was made possible mainly with the help of the Santa Rosa Study Center and in particular with Dr. Eleonora RAVA. It was her idea to establish a federal archive, where the historical archives of other, closed monasteries could be properly filed, preserved and made available to any researchers.
The oldest part of the monastery in Viterbo can now be visited and is used for study conferences. However, there remains a more cloistered wing where the Poor Clares could also return. During its meeting on January 17-20, 2023, the Federal Council discussed this issue, and more. In fact, they talked about ongoing formation and discussed the work of revising the Constitutions, which will have to be started this year, in collaboration with the Poor Clares of Poland and with the Friars Minor Conventual.

Council of the Federation of St. Clare of Assisi