The 201st Extraordinary General Chapter of the Friars Minor Conventual will begin Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 5:00 p.m., at the Centro Ad Gentes Retreat Center operated by the Society of the Divine Word in Nemi, near Rome, Italy.

We are presenting a new website dedicated to this event: We hope it will allow all of the friars, and even our friends and supporters, to participate in this very important meeting of the Order.
To facilitate the use of the website, here is a breakdown of its contents:
– in the “Convocation” section you will find the official letter convoking the 201st Extraordinary General Chapter; the list of participants (with active and non-active voice), Chapter staff, interpreters and translators; and the address of the Chapter’s location;
– in the “Instrumentum laboris” section you will find the complete text (downloadable in pdf format), as well as its parts: the introduction, itinerary, glossary of terms, sources, quotes and the draft text of the new Constitutions divided into chapters; in some cases, different ways of presenting the content’s graphics are used;
– the “Prayers” part contains the invocations to be used during Morning and Evening Prayer, in order to pray for the intentions of the Chapter;
– in the “Timetable” section the general program of work is presented;
– in the “Multimedia” section, videos and PowerPoint presentations can be seen, concerning the work on the revision of the Constitutions done in recent years.
The closing of the Chapter is scheduled approximately for August 26, 2018.

Communications Office