On Saturday June 5, 2021, in anticipation of the feast of St. Anthony of Padua, the third annual “Antonian Way of the Young” event was held in Zagreb, Croatia. The event attracts many participants each year.

This year’s event had around two thousand young participants. Their journey started at the Parish Church of St. Anthony in Sesvetska Sela, a municipality adjacent to Zagreb. It concluded at the Conventual Franciscan Parish Church of St. Anthony in Zagreb. The first St. Anthony church is a diocesan parish. The second belongs to our confreres from the Province of St. Jerome in Croatia. These are among the largest parishes in the territory of the Archdiocese of Zagreb. The event was organized by the Vocation Center of the Province of Croatia, in collaboration with the two abovementioned parishes.
The purpose of the event was to bring together young people who pray to St. Anthony and to collaborate with two important parishes that bear the name of the saint. Speaking on behalf of the organizers, Friar Stjepan BRČINA said that this year’s “Way” was attended not only by young people from Zagreb but from many other places in Croatia. There were even groups from Austria and Germany. “Young people are interested in the life of the St. Anthony. Like him, they are motivated to give witness to the faith with enthusiasm, showing that the Church is alive and attractive, even to new generations.”
The Way began with Mass, presided over by the Minister Provincial, Friar Josip BLAŽEVIĆ. In his homily Friar Josip said that the young people are putting this year’s slogan into practice: “Let your actions speak louder than words.” As he talked about the challenges St. Anthony encountered in his life, Friar Josip encouraged the young people to accept life’s challenges by placing themselves in God’s hands, without complaint, and by following the plans of His Providence.
The journey ended with the veneration of the Saint’s relics and Eucharistic Adoration at our Parish Church of St. Anthony.

Friar Zvonimir PERVAN