On December 22, 2020, eleven novices from the Sacred Convent in Assisi made their usual formational visit to the International Franciscan Center for Dialogue (CEFID).

The Assistant Novice Master, Friar Graziano LORUSSO, accompanied the novices during this meeting, which lasted about two hours. Friar Jerzy NOREL, the Delegate General for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue (EDI), and Friar Joseph BLAY, the General Delegate for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (GPIC), gave the novices a warm welcome in the main hall of the CEFID Office. After greeting the novices, Friar Jerzy gave a presentation on the Order’s current mission in the area of the “Spirit of Assisi” which was established by the revised Constitutions of 2018. Next, a presentation was given on the restructuring of CEFID and the activities of EDI. After the novices visited the offices, archives and chapel, Friar Joseph spoke to them, emphasizing the topicality of GPIC values and focusing on the cross-cutting importance of GPIC issues.

Friar Joseph BLAY