On October 14-16, 2020, the Centralis Europae Foederatio (CEF) held an ordinary Assembly. Because of the ongoing pandemic, the event was conducted on-line, using the Zoom platform.

The first day of the Assembly was dedicated to sharing news from the various Jurisdictions of the Federation, namely the Provinces of Germany, Croatia and Slovenia, the Provincial Custody of Austria-Switzerland, the Delegation of Holland, the Delegations of the Provinces of Poland in Germany, the representation of the Romanian Province in Germany, and the missions in Sweden and Denmark. Friar Ciprian BUDĂU, the Custos of the Custody of Great Britain-Ireland, which belongs to the Conventual Franciscan Federation (CFF), also participated in the Assembly.
Later that day, the friars discussed the progress of the CEF Statutes, which are being drawn up and will be submitted for discussion at the next meeting.
On the second day, the Minister General, Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, joined the Assembly on-line from South Korea. He encouraged the friars to reflect on the identity and possible restructuring of the Federation, not only from a strategic perspective but even more from a charismatic one. He emphasized being faithful to the charism, having prophetic vision, being rooted in faith, and being open to interculturality and collaboration. Afterwards, there was an interesting exchange in which the Jurisdictions shared some of their own important experiences. Later, the General Exactor, Friar Leszek ŁUCZKANIN, gave a presentation on Motion No. 16 of the last General Chapter which concerns financial matters. In particular, he reiterated the importance of the new Fraternal Solidarity Fund and the way in which the Jurisdictions can make their contribution toward the various needs of the Order around the world.
On the third day, the Assistant General for the Area, Friar Dominique MATHIEU, gave a report on the various activities of the General Definitory. He began by talking about the Motions approved at the last General Chapter and the many initiatives that the government of the Order has launched to implement them. Finally, the friars discussed formation, in particular, initial formation. The Federation does not have a common formation house but regularly sends its novices to Assisi. There was a brief exchange of views on that issue.
Some of the topics on the agenda were especially important, which is why the Federation will revisit them when it meets again online in November.
We thank the Lord for granting us this meeting, in spite of the current health crisis. The meeting took place in a fraternal atmosphere. Special thanks to the government of the Order for guiding the life of our Federation with such care and fraternal attentiveness.

Friar Igor SALMIČ, President of the CEF