On March 15-19, 2021, the Delegation in Chile attended a week-long Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Italian Province of St. Anthony of Padua (Northern Italy). Afterwards, the friars of the Delegation were able to meet, albeit with some difficulty due to the pandemic, for their annual spiritual retreat at the Monastery of the Trappist Nuns of Nuestra Señora de Quilvo in Curicó, Chile.

The daily meditation was led by Father Rodrigo ARRIAGADA MORA, a pastor in the Diocese of Talca and the Vicar of Curicó.
In keeping with the Four-Year Plan of the Delegation entitled “Transforming Ourselves to Renew Ourselves”, Father Rodrigo lectured on the theme, “Looking at Our Path with Confidence.” He invited the confreres to examine their faith, and their lifestyle, which is marked by the choice of poverty and characterized by joy, mission, service and fraternity. The speaker emphasized that “our reference point for all of this is none other than Jesus Christ, whom St. Francis followed faithfully.”
On the last day, after discussing their personal plans for this year, the friars of the Delegation met online with the friars of the Mother Province. The friars of the Delegation presented and discussed a summary of the group work they had done during the Pre-Chapter Assembly. In the afternoon, the friars of the Delegation gathered to discuss various topics, namely, the draft of the plan for the filial house, the financial situation, the candidates, youth and vocation ministry and the report of the Assistant General for the Federación América Latina Conventuales (FALC) Friar Rogério PEREIRA XAVIER.
All of the friars expressed their gratitude and recognized the beauty and importance of this time spent together in silence, meditation, prayer, and fraternal discussion.