On Saturday, July 4, 2020, Friar Danisandro SÁNCHEZ PEÑA was ordained to the priesthood at the Church of San Francisco de Asís in Havana, Cuba, by the imposition of the hands of His Eminence Juan de la Caridad Cardinal GARCÍA RODRÍGUEZ, Metropolitan Archbishop of Havana.

Friar Luigi MORETTI, the Delegate of the Provincial Delegation in Cuba of the Italian Province of St. Francis of Assisi (Central Italy), said that he hoped that every friar would take part in this joy: “The ordination of Friar Danisandro is a cause of great joy for all of us and it gives us hope because it reminds us that our life is in the hands of the Lord, who has a loving plan for each one of us. Indeed, Friar Danisandro is our first Cuban priest since we established our presence in this country, back in 2001, when Friars Fernando MAGGIORI, Silvano CASTELLI and Roberto CARBONI (now Archbishop of Oristano) first came to Cuba.
We sincerely thank the Lord, who never tires of calling generous people to proclaim his Word, celebrate the sacraments and bear witness to his infinite mercy.
Friar Danisandro chose the Good Shepherd as the biblical icon of his ordination. We hope that he will model his priestly ministry upon the kindness, meekness and charity which Jesus Christ showed to all people he met, especially those who were the most outcast and marginalized.”

Friar Flavio César LAURA CHARCA