The Postulator General, Friar Zdzisław Józef KIJAS, published a Spanish language version of his book “Maximilian Kolbe: The Inner Journey” and an Italian version of his book “Providence and Predestination”.

The first book mentioned above is published under the title: “Maximiliano Kolbe – El Camino Interior” by San Pablo Publishing House in Madrid. The book is part of the 80th anniversary celebrations of the martyrdom of St. Maximilian. A short article describing its contents can be found at:
The second book is published under the Italian title: “Provvidenza e Predestinazione” by Effatà Editrice Publishing House in Turin. It is part of “The Breath of the Soul” series. In this book, our confrere answers questions our Catholic, Christian faith has always generated it: how to harmonize God’s omnipotent providence with the freedom of His creatures, with evil, the unpredictability of history, the meaning of prayer, etc.
Friar Zdzisław puts the foundation of our faith at the center of his answers, namely, the incarnation, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. His revelation gives full meaning to the plan of salvation that the Father created before time. Through the Son of God made flesh, the human person is no longer lost in a meaningless or predetermined historical reality. He can live following the footsteps of the Savior.
We invite all confreres and faithful readers to open their hearts and minds to the reflections that our confrere offers.

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