On September 22, 2021, the community of the Franciscanum of Assisi conducted its first House Chapter since last May, when the Ordinary Custodial Chapter of the General Custody of the Sacred Convent of St. Francis in Italy (Assisi), was celebrated. At that time, the Franciscanum community was instructed to undergo some restructuring and add some new members.

During the House Chapter, the restructuring of the Franciscanum community began with the election of Friar Guglielmo SPIRITO as Vicar of the Friary, and Friar Domenico PAOLETTI as House Chapter Secretary. A calendar for the life of the fraternity was also established, along with dates for formation and activities.
The General Custos, Friar Marco MORONI, was also present at the House Chapter. He pointed out that the relationship between the Custody and the Order has yet to be clarified, given the peculiar and complex situation of the Custody of the Sacred Convent. This peculiarity has a special resonance in the Franciscanum, because while the Franciscanum community is part of the Custody, it is also at the service of the Order, in terms of offering ongoing formation and the “Spirit of Assisi” event. These two services, which the Order and the Custody expect from the Franciscanum, need to be better studied, developed and translated into lifestyle and practice. The Franciscanum community, with its varied approaches and sensibilities, needs to come together to think about this. This is the challenge the community is called to take up.

Friar Domenico PAOLETTI