The new newsletter for October – December, 2018, is now available >>>.

In the first section, we highlight the letter of the Minister General (page 3) concerning the promulgation of the new Constitutions of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual.
In the section from the Office of Communications (pp. 8-9), we call your attention to the new web page for the Ordinary General Chapter, which will be celebrated on May 18, 2019.
In the section covering the General Offices (pp. 10-27) we invite you to read the pages dedicated to the missions (pp. 12-17) and the news from the Office of the Postulator General (pp. 20-23).
From the Federations (pp. 28-63) we recount the damage caused by violent weather to our church in Ibenga, Zambia (p. 30); the news from our German confreres (pp. 33-35); the fraternal visits made to Denmark (page 34), Chile (p. 41), Venezuela (p. 42), Brazil (pp. 43-44), Kazakhstan and Russia (p. 54) and Calabria and Puglia, Italy (pp. 62-63). We report on the ordinations that took place in Colombia (p. 38), South Korea (p. 49), Romania (p. 59), and Sicily, Italy (p. 60). We also describe the professions that occurred in Bolivia (p. 45), Poland (p. 51) the Czech Republic (p. 57) and Padua, Italy (p. 60).
Finally, we feature pages covering Provincial and Custodial Chapters (pp. 64-69), statistics (p.70) and an attachment listing the names of the participants in the 2019 General Chapter (pp. 71-73).

From the editorial staff