On Easter Monday, April 5, 2021, our confrere, Friar Marian BŁASZKIEWICZ died while celebrating Mass at the Church of Santa Severa in Rome. Friar Marian was a member of the Province of the Immaculate Mother of God in Poland (Warsaw). He was 69.

On April 6, 2021, a Mass in suffrage for our deceased confrere was celebrated in the courtyard of the Friary of Santa Severa. The liturgy was presided over by the Minister General of the Order, Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, with twenty-six concelebrants. In his homily, the Secretary General, Friar Tomasz SZYMCZAK, reminded those present about some of the more important stages in Friar Marian’s religious life, such as teaching mathematics at the minor seminary in Niepokalanów, Poland; serving as the Secretary of the Province of Warsaw, and working hard doing priestly ministry in Assisi and at Santa Severa. These were some of the many tasks he carried out for the good of the Church, the Order and his own Province.
After the Mass, the rite of final commendation and farewell was presided over by the Vicar General of the Order, Friar Jan MACIEJOWSKI. At the end of the rite, Friar Wiesław PYZIO spoke on behalf of the Minister Provincial of Warsaw, Friar Grzegorz BARTOSIK and thanked all those who attended. Several years ago, Friar Wiesław served as the Guardian of Santa Severa.
Friar Marian’s funeral will take place in Niepokalanów. May our merciful God reward him in heaven for his many years of work and prayer!

Friar Franciszek CZARNOWSKI
Photo: Mirosław BESZTAK and Friar Franciszek CZARNOWSKI