As the 2020-21 formation year draws to a close, the friars at the St. Anthony, Doctor Theological Seminary in Padua, Italy, decided to release a joyful new song, which they composed in praise of the Franciscan vocation.

The idea for the song is from Friar Sylvester Eugene KOOMSON. The musical arrangement is by Friar Grégoire LEFÈVRE. The temporary professed confreres at the theological seminary in Padua participate in it by singing about their own joy and the value of their religious and Franciscan vocation.
The vocational path is always a community journey. This is particularly true of our Franciscan charism, which calls us to be the brothers of all. This song is meant to be an invitation and a prayer, to better understand and appreciate that religious life is a joyful response to the Lord Jesus.
You can watch our confreres perform at:

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