The latest issue of the newsletter Fraternus Nuntius is now available. It contains documents and news covering October – December, 2021.

In the first section (pp. 4-10) one can read: the greetings of the Minister General, Friar Carlos TROVARELLI, on the occasion of the Solemnity of St. Francis of Assisi (pp. 4-7); the Minister General’s letter on the occasion of World Mission Day, in which he expresses his gratitude for the work of our confrere, Friar Fernando MAGGIORI (pp. 7-8); Friar Carlos’ Christmas greetings (p. 9); and his calendar of commitments (p. 10).
Next are pages dedicated to the General Secretariat (pp. 11-20). Here, we highlight the establishment of the Coordination Committee for the Franciscan Centenary (pp. 16-17) and the arrival of the new General Archivist Friar Domenico CASTIGLIONE (p. 20).
There is also news about the General Offices (pp. 21-44) where we highlight the arrival of the new Guardian of the Seraphicum in Rome, Friar Adam MĄCZKA (p. 25); the new General Delegate for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, Friar Michael LASKY (p. 40); and the new International President of the M.I., Miquel Bordas PRÓSZYNSKI (p. 44).
On page 45 we find some notes of thanks from the General Financial Office, which provide the latest data on solidarity within our Order.
The largest section of the newsletter concerns news from the Federations (pp. 46-117). So as not to be too long-winded, we will mention only the priestly ordinations in Ghana and Kenya (pp. 47-48); the diaconal ordination in Croatia (pp. 50-51); the 60th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Friar Raymond BORKOWSKI (p. 65); the priestly ordination in Venezuela (p. 82); the diaconal ordination and solemn profession in the Philippines (pp. 87-88); the solemn profession in Gdańk, Poland (p. 100); and the diaconal ordination in Romania (p. 102).
On the other hand, we will mention all the Chapters that were celebrated, namely, the Ordinary Chapter of the Province of St. Francis of Assisi in Brazil (118-119); the Extraordinary Provincial Chapter in Kenya (p. 119-120); the Ordinary Custodial Chapter in Colombia (p. 121), the Ordinary Custodial Chapter in Bolivia (p. 122); and the Extraordinary Provincial Chapter in Zambia (p. 123).
On the last page, page 124, the newsletter concludes with biographical statistics and a reminder for everyone to pray, particularly for our deceased confreres.


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