On February 7, 2022, the Provincial Delegation in Germany, of the Province of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe in Poland (Gdańsk), conducted its annual meeting.

The meeting began with an opening prayer. Next, the Provincial Delegate, Friar Krzysztof ROBAK, greeted the friars and presented the work program for the meeting.
In view of the imminent closure of the Friary in Gelsenkirchen (Easter 2023), the friars discussed opening a new presence in Germany. In addition, they shared their observations and experiences regarding living and working in the dioceses of Germany.
Friar Ireneusz WOJTKO, the Econom of the Delegation, gave the friars a report on the financial situation of the Delegation and on the “Minoriten Maximilian Kolbe” Association. Then the friars discussed the new group medical insurance, covering individual friars and friaries.
The Minister Provincial, Friar Wojciech KULIG, thanked the members of the Delegation for their pastoral service and their financial contribution to the budget of the Province. Friar Wojciech also presented additional projects and asked for their financial support. Two initiatives in particular were approved: the purchase of a new car for the Delegation in Ecuador and support for the Order’s Solidarity Fund.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the meeting was conducted online.

Friar Krzysztof ROBAK