The International Board of Directors of Franciscans International met at Leo House in New York City from November 17-19, 2017 for their semi-annual meeting.

Friar Jude WINKLER, OFM Conv, is the Order’s Delegate to this organization which has offices in Geneva and New York and lobbies for human rights issues at the United Nations.
Recently they were able to find an advocate to serve in the New York office to stregthen the presence of FI in the Security Council of the UN and at other offices there such as the Council for Mining and the Council for Indigenous peoples.
This will be the last meeting at which Friar Jude will be present, for he has come to the end of his second three year term. His place will be taken by Friar Joseph BLAY, OFM Conv, the Order’s Secretary for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

Friar Jude WINKLER, General Assistant CFF

Photo: The Board of Directors of Franciscan International with their Executive Director, Friar Markus HEINZE, OFM.