The General Secretariat for Mission Animation (SGAM) is intent on using new media to share news about the world of our missions. SGAM is now on Instagram.

SGAM is already on Facebook at Now, SGAM has created an Instagram account (@sgam_ofmconv), in order to promote the dissemination of photos and short videos about our Conventual Franciscan missions around the world.
To achieve this goal, SGAM is asking all interested friars in the Order to make our missions known beyond the borders of their own Jurisdictions, to show the world how the Franciscan charism is being realized in different mission settings and by means of new evangelization. They can help by emailing material in digital format to
Their positive responses will be of great help in presenting the Conventual Franciscan vocation, in an active format, to everyone, especially young men who want to consecrate themselves to God in our way of life.

General Secretariat for Mission Animation