On April 3-6, 2024, the Province of St. Nicholas and St. Angelo in Italy (Puglia), conducted its annual meeting for religious brothers. Friars from the other southern Italian Jurisdictions of the Federazione Inter-mediterranea Ministri Provinciali (FIMP) were invited as well. Eight friars from the Province of Puglia and from the Province of the Seraphic Father St. Francis in Italy (Naples) took part.

The meeting was hosted by the San Francesco di Bari Center for Spirituality and Sociality, annexed to the Mater Ecclesiæ Friary, the seat of the Provincial Curia in Bari, Italy.
This event, as always, was very much appreciated by the participants. It included carefully planned moments of community prayer, fraternal outings and formation sessions. Friar Carlo ROBERTO, OFM, spoke about the identity of the lay brother in our Seraphic Order, while Friar Piergiorgio TANEBURGO, OFM Cap., gave an overview of consecrated life in other Christian denominations.
The participants also visited places of particular interest in the city and the surrounding area, such as the Shrine of Blessed Giacomo Illirico, the former Conventual Franciscan Church of Santa Maria Veterana, the Shrine of the Madonna del Pozzo, the Basilica of Santa Fara, as well as, of course, the Basilica of San Nicola and the Cathedral of San Sabino, both in Bari.

Friar Massimo Antonio RUGGIERO