On September 21, 2022, the new academic year was inaugurated for the Graphology Department of the Seraphicum College in Rome. Those present included faculty members, new enrollees and students in their second and third years. Others attended the event on line.

As always, the meeting opened with greetings and a presentation by the Dean of the Faculty, Friar Raffaele DI MURO. Friar Raffaele started by welcoming those who were just beginning this path. He illustrated the structure and outlook for the three-year course. The course is actually divided into a two-year period common to all specializations and a final third year, dedicated to different branches of Graphology, such as Pastoral Graphology, of which Friar Raffaele is Dean and branch coordinator; Judicial Graphology (expert level) whose coordinators are Vincenzo TARANTINO (present in the classroom) and Chiara MISTRORIGO (online). The other specializations are: Developmental Age Graphology whose coordinator is Loredana MORETT (present in the classroom); and Professional Guidance and Human Resource Management Graphology, whose coordinator is Alessandra MILLEVOLTE. There were three other wonderful lectures, two delivered in person by Nadia BUONANNO and Gianfranco MOCCIA, and the third broadcast online by Iride CONFICONI. The purpose of the lectures was to illustrate various aspects of the coursework, and in particular, to share the many facets of Graphology with those present.
Also on display were the various features that the department offers, the presence of an in-house library, a forensic laboratory, the possibility of attending classes in-person or online (for which a technician is always available) and the secretariat, which is available throughout the year for any communication, onsite or through references on the website.
Last but not least, the dean presented four new teachers who joined the team this Academic Year: Stefania CATINARI, Felice DI MAIOLO, Josè Alberto SUÀREZ ALEMÀN and Serena GIACOBONE. The latter three are recent graduates of the Seraphicum Department of Graphology.
Having concluded the presentations, including those by various faculty members who were unable to be personally present in the classroom due to work commitments, the start of classes was kicked off, with the wish for an exciting and fruitful year for all.