The Office of General Postulation hereby announces its intention to produce a series of biographical articles about the Servants of God, Venerable Friars, Blessed Friars and Saints of our Order. It shall also present articles on others who were affiliated with the Order or those who, in some way, were dealt with by the Office of Postulation during its pursuit of causes.

The sole purpose for doing this is to make these figures better known to the friars and those who visit the website of the Order. All this aims to give greater glory to God for what he has accomplished through these Christians and for how much he will accomplish through those who, just by reading these biographies, will be encouraged to follow in their footsteps and ask for their powerful intercession. Thus, together they may all attain sanctification and find eternal salvation.
Each month, a short biography will be presented. The biography will also include the current status of the person’s cause. We will start with seven Servants of God and continue with seven Venerables.
We ask all these brothers and sisters to assist us on the journey that the Lord Jesus has called us to undertake, so we may live it more fully.

Friar Damian-Gheorghe PĂTRAŞCU, Postulator General